How do we answer the horror that is terrorism? How do we make sense of that which is nonsensical? How do we process the madness that fundamental religion has created?

With the horrific events yesterday in Paris, I am inspired by the love that is pouring forth. I am inspired by the spirit of the Parisians who stand tall, and refuse to be cowed into staying at home or becoming fearful. They will not hide, they pour out into the streets, holding each other as they witness each others sadness. Standing side by side showing solidarity, strength, courage and love. Across the world nations are reaching out and showing their support for Paris by displaying the flag in lights as Paris in its grief, turns of the lights on the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Today I have turned the question around and around in my mind wondering why, what went wrong, when did it become so important for ISIS to dominate, terrorize, to create such chaos? What happened that has created such hate and fear. No matter which way I turn this question, however I look at it there is no answer to that which is unanswerable. Hateful behaviour and anger, violence and cruelty comes from a place of deep fear. People who are fearful need others to do as they do, believe what they believe, and see those who fail to fall into their mind set as dangerous. As threats to their belief system and way of life.

And actually they are right, those of us who see difference as something to be celebrated, who welcome each person in their own right as unique, special, beautiful, and reject fully regimes which control and punish those who fail to fall in line with their mind-set, are bloody dangerous, dangerous to people who are brainwashed, locked into a cult, into a fear based sect which limits their freedom of expression and sees hate where actually there is just love. Each person finding their own way to be happy to experience, peace, a relationship with their god in whatever way feels right to them. That freedom, which allows debate, allows us to learn, change our mind, disagree and grow. That is dangerous. There is power in freedom.  Immense, beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, life changing power!

Under the damage each of us carries, underneath our story there is just that love and that power.  Pure unadulterated love and  freedom. We see variety, texture, colour, beauty and joy, were they see fear, and hate.

So I say let’s be really dangerous, let’s be even more loving, more caring, more tolerant, lets reject the hate and vile behaviour of those who chose a path of sickness and fear. This ideology lets reject it, let’s focus instead on the fact that in fact we are all one. What you do to one, you do us all.  How I treat one of you is how I treat all of you.

I am sad, sad that somehow a few people on this wonderful planet have developed such hate and loathing to the beauty and divinity that is our divine right as human beings.

I reject this, I reject your ideology and I refuse to be fearful, I refuse to be scared, I refuse to stop loving, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Wiccan, Atheist, Buddhist, I care not one jot. I will love you all.

And the evil behaviour of these terrorist groups I reject you. I reject your ideology and refuse to give you my energy.

Join me in standing tall and living life fully, beautifully, bravely and with love and acceptance.  Align yourself with love, focus on those who are loving, caring, free and offer you the same privilege.  Those who can’t or won’t then leave them the hell alone, they deserve not your time, mind space  or energy.


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