The eve of 2016 began with the usual high drama, teenagers stressing over whether the fake tan was patchy, who had stolen whose lipstick and a lesson in walking in heels! My morning began with my usual coffee fix, don’t judge me green tea or water and lemon just don’t rock my world!  I had found last year’s intention diary by chance in a drawer full of toot, so I decided it might be a good time to think about this coming year’s intentions.  So off I trot to curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket tucked around my legs, second mug of coffee in hand, BBC news on silent in the background whilst I obsessively watch the dreadful progress of the floods up North, and the only remaining pen in the house in my paws, kids absorb pens like they do cotton wool, conditioner and biscuits!  What is that about?  Anyway pen at the ready whilst I begin to peruse last year’s plan of action.  And I surprised myself to see I had in fact achieved a pretty good result overall!   Crikey!  That is got to be a first.

Ok I didn’t manage to finish my book, or get down a couple of sizes but the other things on the list, working less, developing my business by bringing in new talent, creating a spiritual vibe at our heart centre, make time to see friends and widen my group of chums, get a dog and walk him every day, write and develop my awakening course for other therapists to utilise, all of those I did!

Maybe not perfectly, but hell what is perfect, perfect is the very best you can do at the moment with the skills you have available to you.  So you see I did a lot last year and to be honest I am blooming proud of myself.  I did good this year! My feet are firmly on the path I want to them to be on, and I can see a way forward for more goal achieving, and more awakening to my authentic self.

For most of us a little bit of planning doesn’t go amiss.  A little bit of life mapping along with a little day dreaming to add colour and joy however, I don’t believe in making resolutions, being the radical contrary being that I am I just break them as soon as I set them.  For instance don’t laugh, but throughout Christmas I barely touched the cheese and crackers, chocolates lay untouched and wine did not pass my lips.  Whisky Mac’s, the wonderful concoction of Whisky and Ginger Wine yum yum did, but that doesn’t count as it’s medicinal!

Then 1st of Jan arrives the day most people begin their regime of health and wellbeing, and I suddenly have the urge to eat the cheese and guzzle the leftover heroes.  The gym membership I have just signed up for postponed for a few days!


What about you?

Did you reflect on your intentions?  Did you look back and smile at all you had achieved or did you shrug your shoulders and say, “oh well try again in 2016”!

I thought I would give you all a wonderful New Years Gift Free from me to you.  I am something of an expert at intentions and manifestation even though I say so myself.  So I am going to share with you some of my magic recipe!

Last year I set my intentions in a very powerful way, the way I recommend to all my clients and friends because it blooming works.  I actually took myself of to a place of great peace for a few days to think and create complete peace to think and create.

Step one

Take some proper time out just for you to day dream, think and doodle.  Get paper, pens, colours, maybe a beautiful notebook.

Start imagining exactly how you would like your life to look.  Don’t think what you don’t want think what you really do want.  Make it really vivid, flesh out your ideal life.  I imagine for instance, working part time, my centre thriving with loving beautiful therapists doing amazing work, me and my family laughing and having fun together, I see me and my dog taking long walks by the beach and visualize me having the time to write as much as I wish.  Then I throw in my other fantasy,  painting and writing poetry.  I visualize this how it will look, what my days will look         like, how that will feel for me and what that will be like for my family. It needs to be so real it as if I am inside that life already having that experience.  As if the world I am describing is already here right now.

Make notes, draw pictures, cut out images, poems, motivational sayings and keep them all together.

Step Two

Make a mood board, or a life map, lasting for the full year in the most creative way you can.  Use all of the things you have gathered, you can add to this throughout the year as you shift, grow, change and develop.

Step Three

You may not feel like this is possible for you, as if it is a silly daydream.  Reality check time!  I am 5,3 and a bit.  I can’t be 6 foot!  I have kids at school so I can’t just up sticks and go travelling, well I could but that wouldn’t make me happy or them so I would have to put that one on hold!  So we have to be realistic.  But could I write a novel, damn yeah, could I run my business in a way that lets me create the world I desire of course.  Can I suddenly become the next Oprah Winfrey eh no, but I could work towards developing a media presence if I wanted to.  So set realistic goals but don’t limit them from a place of fear.  Don’t make yourself small, if you find you are hedging your bets then do this….Ask yourself do I believe I deserve this? What is stopping me from achieving this in my life?  Am I afraid? What will I lose if I get everything I ask the universe for?  What will change? What is it within me that means I don’t believe it is possible!

Now this information gives you a lot of power, now you know why are sabotaging yourself.  Maybe subconsciously you feel that you are not good enough, in the wrong place with the wrong skill set, or that good stuff just doesn’t happen to you!  There are many limiting beliefs that we all have that literally block our ability to dream big, to dream up the life we always wanted.  That stop us even beginning the process of thinking of the life we long for.  After all remember everything begins with a thought and the more power you give that thought the more energy it gets.  How much energy are you giving your thoughts?  And what thoughts are you giving energy to?

So here you are with sitting with the block that is hampering your progress, and you can start working on unpicking and understanding the root of these limiting beliefs. This can be done on your own simply sitting with the emotion that is arising and honouring it, maybe write down your feelings, or talk to a really good friend who is good at listening and reflecting back to you without any personal agenda.  Or book in a session with a qualified therapist who can help you find your truth.

Once you have cleared these blocks you have now the inner landscape to plant the seeds for the beautiful life you wish to create.

Step Four 

So you have your goals clearly and vividly set, you have written them down and put some energy into seeing and feeling what that will look like for you.  You have cleared your blocks and have created a fertile inner landscape to plant and water those seeds.  Now get on with it.  Meditate on this daily, put up quotes and images in your home, on your phone, in your workplace, to remind you to stay on track.

Step Five   

Look at where you are right now and what you need to do, change, develop within you to bring you a step closer.

Here is a little example, for me to work less I needed to have more therapists in doing some work that earned me a little money.  To find the therapists I need to make the time to investigate the therapists and develop them.  I also needed to create room in the diary for them to do some work.  I had to work through the block that work is hard and I need to slog to make ends meet.

This I did undoing my childhood belief that money is bad and we “might not be rich but we are hard workers.”  I now am happy to welcome wealth into my life and that I can work as hard as I choose to.  After all life is colour not just slaving away, good people can be wealthy.  It is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of.

So I had to make some serious changes, take a few braves steps, to trust my instincts and let others do some of the work, make sense doesn’t it.  Was hard for me though.  I had to have some help to work through the ingrained story I had  grown up with.

You will have your own stuff after all you are setting an intention to bring something      in or to let something go this year which means that things aren’t exactly as you     wish.  So look honestly what can I do differently, what within me, around me, what   do I believe that I need to shift and change? Once you can see this you can begin to take steps to move closer to the reality you dream off.

This stuff works, it really works, I have been practicing and teaching this method for nearly six years with great success, take the time to do this for yourself, dream big, dream wild, have the life you deserve.  Your life has the potential to be full of colour, joy and fulfilment, however that looks to you.

To work more deeply on the process of awakening and manifestation why not join our awakening course which runs monthly at our center.

Or if you are not in the area register your interest for our online course coming in the Spring.

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