You Will Not Make Me Hate

Today we awoke to sad news. We heard and saw violent and wicked acts against our brothers and sisters in America. The news was so shocking it literally took my breathe away.

To me the idea that violence and murder is the only way to share your message, raise awareness, or shock a society into listening to your version truth, be that religious or personal is ludicrous.

As I sat in my morning meditation I held the victims and their families in my heart. I held the people of Las Vegas in my heart, and the wider world community who was awaking to such shocking and horrifying news.

This part was easy, but how could I move my mind to a place of peace and not get caught up in hate. After all hate is what plants the seeds of distrust and violence. Hate stirs the energetic pot that creates separation and our lack of connectedness.

But in truth, I am angry, I am feeling that same sense of fury and hate that I imagine most of us are today. I hate that anyone could have the ability to hoard so many guns and ammunition and then somehow get them into a hotel and murder over 50 people.

I hate that anyone in our world anywhere feels so displaced and angry that they would even consider picking up a gun and hurting another human being.

I hate that in some places in the world there is hate and distrust because we believe something different from our neighbour.

I hate that the leader of the free world made no comment on the lack of safe gun legislation in his country.

I hate that this act of violence will likely perpetuate further hate and distrust and the long term damage that this will do the community and everyone who is touched by this violence.

All of these things I hate.

But I am hopeful, that we are bigger than the hate.

We are stronger that the fear.

We are more loving than loathing of those who are different from us.

I am hopeful, that the community in Las Vegas will pull together and show those who would pull them down and make them quake, and shake their heads in disbelief. That we are bigger than this, they will never descend into hate or loathing. That humanity has the potential to be beautiful, kind, loving.

I will not descend into hate.

I will not use hateful language.

I will open my heart to those who are suffering.

I will stay in the mindset of love and compassion.

You will not break me down.

You will not destroy my compassion.

You will never make me hard and cruel.

You will not destroy my inner peace.

I pity all who see hate and violence as the answer.

I hold all who have suffered in this attack in my heart and wish them a speedy recovery.

And I accept there is no sense to be made of this senseless act.

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  • Posted on: October 02, 2017

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