We all know that being more mindful will improve our quality of life. We have heard a simple mindful meditation practice can change our lives. Just five to ten minutes a day of mindfulness meditation has been proven to lower stress levels, help us sleep better, improve our relationships, feel healthier, work more efficiently and live a fuller and happier life.So the question I ask myself is why more people do not stick with their practice? Why is it that so often, devoting just a few minutes daily to develop our mindset is such a challenge? After all we have no difficulty making time to prepare good food, go to the gym, watch some TV. Just put aside ten minutes a day to “sit and be” and suddenly “we have no time.”

I ponder “Perhaps it seems to easy? Ten minutes a day to change my life. Too easy, can’t possibly work.” Or maybe it’s simply we are in the mindset of doing, and “the being” that is mindfulness is simply so far from our current experience we literally just can’t get our heads around it.

Again and again I hear people trying out the latest “thing” to soothe their inner chaos, the latest healer, yoga class, crystal, therapist, book or guru. The “THING” is and this is a big truth so listen up, all of that is external and therefore adding to the inner noise, rather than helping to still it. More opinions, more rules, more stuff to fill our minds, and bookshelves.

In my experience, we human beings often like to hand responsibility over for our unhappiness, stress, lack off, to others. We continue to look for answers, “out there,” in the form of gurus, and gimmicks. The idea that we have all the skills we need to become mindful and at peace within us seems, well, laughable!

So whilst we may have a bash for a day or two, or if we are determined a whole week! We will never be prepared to develop a persistent mindfulness meditation practice and therefore will never have the results we desire.

You can neither buy nor be given mindfulness and inner peace. This is a practice which must be gained experientially.

For those of you who are struggling to establish your regular practice here are some reasons why you should persevere. Without perseverance your mind will continue to be unruly, uncontrollable, and certainly not peaceful.

• Your life is your responsibility no one else is responsible for your inner peace.

• Your mind and nothing else creates your experience.

• What you put your energy to, is what you will manifest in your life.

• You can decide where to put your focus. It simply takes practice.

• Everything you experience goes through your mind filter. Ask yourself what mind filter are you most familiar with?

• All off the answers are within and one must become quiet so one can hear.

I find that people give up on the 3 P’s because they hit a wall. The idea that the mind will settle and will float through life letting all the drama drift past us is highly evocative.  However in reality it takes work and awareness.

Mindful, patient awareness.

I am suggesting now that you begin to train your mind to really pay attention. To notice where your attention moves to. Then you will begin to see how you respond to the thoughts that are arising. You will see your habits, or delusions.

Practice practice practice letting go.

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