Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate? 
To learn how to be?
To feel at peace? 
Would you like to find more joy in your life? 
And live in the now? 

Well then maybe it's time to start practising Mindfulness. To practise with Dawn join her in the yoga studio she co-owns with Daniel Groom in the heart of Leigh on Sea.

Would you like to book a one-to-one or group mindfulness session / course with Dawn? Please email: dawnlistertherapycentre@gmail.com or call on 07988 384 354

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course:
Mindfulness 4 Week Online Course (Live or Pre-Recorded):


The MBSR course has allowed me to deepen my practice and really widen my lens to a whole host of meditations, all of which have a purpose, and support me with daily challenges, celebrations and most importantly, provide me with a clarity for awareness, kindness and compassion, not only for myself but for those around me.

Dawn, is an experienced teacher, who’s teaching style provides plenty of time to practice, ask questions and really immerse yourself in the wonderful journey of meditation.

This course has truly changed my outlook on life and everyday I look forward to giving me the time to spend time with me.

I wish I could do it all again.


I'd wanted to try a mindfulness course for ages and so, when I saw that Anahata offered just what I wanted, I signed up.

I never expected it to be such a journey, and found myself genuinely shocked at how much time I spend ruminating, overthinking and living in the past and the future. This eight weeks has shown me how to bring myself into 'now', to notice, to appreciate, to breathe.

I'm a 'work in progress' of course, but that's ok, I'm enjoying my practice. Dawn was as friendly and approachable as ever, and delivered the eight weeks in a really engaging way.