To retreat is to move inward, to create space within to rest, to reflect, to self nourish, to work on the relationship you have with yourself. To withdraw from external distractions and experiences with the intention of finding a deeper understanding, peace and healing.

You can retreat for a moment, an hour, a day or longer.  These moments become windows into our inner world creating self awareness, wisdom, spaciousness, and self compassion.

Join Dawn in her beautiful studio in Leigh On Sea for half and full day yoga and mindfulness retreats.

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Or on her annual retreat to Italy where together with Daniel Groom she holds space for love, laughter, yoga, mindfulness, companionship and deep rest.

Leigh On Sea Mindful Half Day Silent Retreat at Anahata Yoga Studio

June 5th Fully Booked/June 12th Some Space

Italy Retreat

JUNE 2022 FULLY BOOKED Availability for September 2022
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Coming soon: Half and Full Day Empowerment Women's Retreats.

Together we open a sacred space for healing, soul wisdom, sisterhood, deep listening, sharing, movement and rest.  Women the world over are tired so tired of trying to hold it all together, to be perfect, to achieve, to live up to societal ideals about what a women should look like, behave like, sound like, achieve.  I believe that is our divine right to choose what our live looks like.  And that we have within us the power to create that reality. The time for the divine feminine is now, the time to heal is now. The time to hear and express your voice is now.  The time to step into your light is now.  On these special afternoons/days we reclaim the art of the feminine, we share, nourish, express, make, listen, cry, laugh, eat, talk, move and re-remember all that we are and all we can be.

To join the sisterhood for an afternoon of love, friendship and empowerment email dawn via stating your interest in our divine feminine retreats.