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I moved to Southend-on-Sea in 2004 from London where I enjoyed a successful career as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Prior to that I worked for 10 years in the city, stress in commerce got the better of me and I got sick. It was this point in my life I decided to follow a healthier lifestyle, enjoying yoga, fitness and just taking a bit more care of myself.

Through obtaining a low back injury during this time I discovered Pilates and was astonished by the results and just had to get out there and share the benefits.

I trained with Cherry Baker in Modern Pilates in 2002 and since then have attended various workshops and have trained to become a Level 4 Specialist Teacher in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain and GP Referral. My other specialist qualifications include pre and post natal fitness, fitness for older adults, and stress Management. This year I attended “Diamond Pilates” training for pelvic floor health with Cherry Baker again. This crucial health element is overlooked and I am determined to bring awareness and education into my sessions whether you are rehabilitating or preventing prolapse or pelvic floor problems.

It is for my precise explanations, watchful eye and technique driven style that I enjoy an excellent reputation an experienced and sought after teacher of the Pilates method on the mat.

I have alway practised yoga and loved how it made me feel and I qualified as a teacher in 2010 with the Mayura Yoga School.

Reflexology with Nikki

At this beautiful heart-centred space you can enjoy lovely holistic treatments via the body ‘map’ on the soles of your feet. My reflexology treatments incorporate Thai massage techniques and Reiki healing (I am a Reiki practitioner I&II). My aim is to provide a little time and space for you to let go, relax and breathe and step by step helping you heal in body, heart and mind.

REFELXOLOGY is a non-intrusive complementary therapy which is based on the theory that the different organs of the body can be mapped to different points or areas of the feet, hands, face, lower leg or ears. I believe that through working these points or areas, they may have an energetic effect on the corresponding organs or systems within the body towards a state of homeostasis or balance and self-healing.

Reflexology can treat for relaxation, tension release, improved sleep, improved mood and increased wellbeing. Reflexology also supports people living with illness.
Honour your wellbeing with reflexology - soul to sole.