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I have practiced yoga on and off for around 15 years and it always gives me peace, clarity and calm when I need it.  

I always enjoyed empowering people in my corporate career, however, I always knew I was meant to empower women in some way. After my first birth experience and struggles of early motherhood which included post natal depression and having learnt so much myself, I realised I was being guided to help empower women in pregnancy and childbirth. Having retrained I now share the benefits of yoga at this special time in a woman's life whilst creating a supportive environment for women to feel comfortable and connect with other women, this is at the heart of what I do.

My pregnancy classes are designed for people with no yoga experience, classes are gentle, informal and relaxing, helping women enjoy their pregnancy more fully.  I can help with various pregnancy related ailments and provide techniques for use in an active childbirth, I also run Birth Preparation Workshops for couples.

I love providing something that brings women together and positively starts the journey with their baby.

It’s for the same reason I teach Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Postnatal Yoga.  As well as many developmental and health benefits for babies, this time is for mums to connect with other mums in a nurturing and supportive environment whilst enjoying quality time with their little ones.

I’ve also practiced Reiki for 7 years which is intertwined in all my intentions towards people I come into contact with and my work.  I offer evening Reiki treatments for those that are drawn to me and would like to enjoy the healing benefits it offers.  Reiki is amazing and insightful and I love working with energy to improve a persons physical or mental wellbeing. 

Services on offer from Clare: Reiki