Dawn is a highly experienced body worker and uses her extensive knowledge and experience to bring a multi disciplinary approach to all her sessions.  Whether you are recovering from injury, are living with stress or anxiety or just want to take time for you.  She brings together over 20 years of experience in working with people. 

Each treatment is a ritual its own right. Holding space peacefully and with compassion together we work out the knots, stress, anxiety, uncovering the root causes of the physical or emotional symptom. 


Deep Tissue Massage, ideal if you prefer strong pressure, enjoy sports or have a physical job or are suffering with an injury.

Relaxation Massage, a gentle, soothing massage to aid relaxation and release tension. Light pressure.

Back, Neck and Shoulders, pressure to suit. Releases the tension of sitting for long periods or whist living with extended periods of stress! Or as a maintenance massage to keep you feeling tip top.

Full Body, whole body treatment with pressure to suit the client. 

Full Body with Head and Face (75/90 minutes only) Enjoy the MOST amazing head neck shoulder and facial massage which is transports you to the land of bliss. 

Intuitive Massage, utilizing all of the skills I have as a therapist, I work with the story your body is revealing. Massage, yoga, pilates, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, breath work, and healing are all combined in the experience your body needs for healing and restoration.

Head Neck and Shoulders a 40 minute / one hour head, neck, shoulder and face massage for the ultimate indulgence, relaxation. 

Lymphatic Drainage 

This gentle massage encourages the lymphatic system to function more effectively, improving the removal of toxins from the body and helping to strengthen the immune system. Lymphatic drainage massage has a calming effect on the nervous system and can be used for many different conditions. It can be used to help a variety of different skin types, such as acne and acne rosacea. Ease fluid retention, swollen ankles and sinus congestion. And can also be used after cosmetic surgery to reduce inflammation and improve healing.
30 - 75 minutes

Back Care Clinic with so many of us suffering ongoing back problems I have great success in offering a prescription of Pilates and Yoga exercises combined with a targeted back massage. This holistic approach takes you and your lifestyle in consideration to target not just the symptoms but the underlying issues which are creating the imbalance. 

In the back care programme an initial one hour assessment and treatment to assess your needs.  Followed by a programme of exercises designed for your particular needs, to be performed at home, the treatment includes a massage to help release any tension or discomfort and soothe and support your recovery to full health and wellness. 

A minimum of 3 sessions is needed for this treatment plan.

Price List

  • 30 minutes £25
  • 40 minutes £35
  • 60 minutes £45
  • 75 minutes £55

Back Care Clinic £45 initial Session. 

Dawn Lister 07988384354


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