Yoga at our centre is held from a heart focused space.  We offer small classes with of a maximum of six allowing for intimacy, safe holding and continuity of practise.

There are many different styles of practise within yoga, each being suited to a different time in your life.  Your personality and your personal needs.  We invite you to find your groove, the class that suits your needs and to come to the mat with a light spirit, open heart and mind.  Oh and a sense of humour.  That always helps!

I have found that in times of stress slowing down my practise and stepping into a restorative practise has given me the time and space needed to restore my balance, recharge my energy levels, and find my way back to the place inside that feels at peace.

The beauty of yoga is that allows us to listen the story the body is revealing.  We are often so busy “doing” rather than “being” that we lose any sense of what it is we need.  Whether it be rest, sleep, strength, openness, stillness, balance, acceptance, healing.  Inside and out we are offered the space to listen to respond to the narrative tight muscles, shallow breaths and an over active mind is whispering in my ear.  We can then tailor our practise to soothe and honour our needs.

I invite you to do just that, step into your heart space, take a deep breath, put down your worries, fears, anxieties, and bring yourself fully to the mat.

At our centre we offer Hatha, Sivananda, Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic yoga classes.