Pilates is a system of exercises that creates balance, strength, flexibility, and stability.

The method I use looks at the body holistically, the way we stand, sit, move, the places we hold our tension, our movement patterns and the places we lack fluidity and ease.

Our bodies should move with ease, gracefully, without pain and with balance and strength.  When we find ourselves in discomfort, in pain or with restricted movement patterns then we must look at how to best return ourselves to balance.

I begin with small mindful movements, looking at spinal flexibility, fluidity and strength.  Building from a simple foundation of pelvic stability, core awareness, focused mind and breath, we move in graceful movement patterns inviting our body to respond in a safe and appropriate manner.  Slowly building our strength and endurance by gradually increasing length of levers and introducing more challenging balancing postures and in time adding resistance.

Classes at the centre are accessible to all people, however if you have special requirements it may be appropriate to book a 1-1 for 1 or more sessions for more specific care and attention.

My person experience of Pilates has made me a bit of a Pilates Evangelist.  It really has saved me.  After three children in 4 years.  Yes I know what was I thinking?  My core muscles where non existent, and my back was in excruciating pain.  It seemed that no matter what I did I yoga, stretching, walking, strength training I felt no better.

I couldn’t even lie flat on my back without feeling nauseous from the pain.  At my lowest point I thought I would have to give up teaching.

Someone suggested I try a Pilates class.  Desperate, willing to try anything, having spent literally thousands on therapies I found a teacher who was patient, kind and mindful.  I have to admit I wasn’t convinced but after 6 weeks I found that I could lie flat and, within six months I had found a way of staying strong, flexible and balanced.

It was bliss.  Nowadays I include Pilates several times a week to balance my personal yoga practise and find that my back and core are as happy as can be.

I have regularly seen clients in the clinic who are on the verge of serious invasive surgery and have found Pilates and where needed a combination of massage and bodywork has allowed them to return to normal health, movement and a sense of wellness.

Pilates is for you wherever you are on your journey, our instructors are helpful, experienced, empathetic, patient and knowledge.