Join Pilates teacher, Emily Morris on your lunch hour for 45 mins of Classical Mat Pilates, which is a system closely resembling the traditional Pilates method created by Joseph Pilates, but updated to modern standards with an emphasis on spine safety.

If you have a busy schedule or just find it hard to get to a class after work then this is the class for you. 

Reverse the symptoms of sitting at your desk - weak core, low back pain, shortened hip flexors and hamstrings, rounded and aching shoulders - all in 45 minutes.

Working with Pilates exercises designed to strengthen and tone the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back as well as the stabilising muscles of the shoulders and hips, time will be spent focussing on activating the target muscles so that you can return back to work feeling strong, healthy and with a tall, elegant posture, and able to relax those shoulders!

Set in a beautiful space, with just 5 other class members giving you a rare chance to gain one to one expert attention meaning you can get so much more out of your session.

This class is suitable for those who have had some experience with Pilates.

Cost: 4 consecutive weeks £30

To book, contact Emily on 07921 715942.