At the Dawn Lister Therapy Center we offer many ways in which you can find peace, healing, comfort and support. 

Including: Counselling, massage, hypnotherapy, meditation, development groups, Yoga and Pilates or Meditation. We also offer a wide variety of holistic beauty treatments, we use the award winning Neal's Yard products on your precious skin. 

We at the center are committed to our own ongoing development and healing and are grateful to offer a space for our community to join us on this journey. 

The center is a beautiful sanctuary of peace in the heart of a bustling community. We hope that the energy we generate offers you a place you can come and let go of your troubles and cares and fill up with strength, peace and friendship and healing. Whether that is physical, spiritual or emotional. 

Whether you simply need a relaxing massage to help you unwind and recharge, or are an keen sportsman/women who needs some serious deep tissue work, perhaps you are holding an old injury that you are ready to release!  Within our wonderful team, we have the treatment plan for you. 

Perhaps you just need to sit in peaceful meditation? Then attend one of classes or sit in beautiful garden nestled quietly behind our center.  

The Therapists offer workshops and Retreats throughout the year so keep an eye out on our site for more details of upcoming events. 

Our center is here to nourish and support the community we live in. Making life a happier and healthier place for us all. 

Please do call to make an appointment, follow us on FB and of course sign up to our newsletter! 

Remember you are a breath away from your most authentic self.  

Dawn Lister

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